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OM: The sound of the universe

For tantra the repetition of a mantra is a whole science. The OM, sound of the universe, can be used by the couple that their energies are interspersed and merging. Do this daily for a few minutes or before making love. The OM attracts positive of all existence energies, although specific mantras can also use […]

January 31, 2016 Tantra insights

Principles of Tantra: enjoy the best experience of your life

Be simple and natural: Do not cling to fashion or beauty stereotypes, no need to complicate or adhere layers of ego to personality. Live spontaneously: You only get it living from the heart; mind calculates, design and separates you from the present. Don’t seek control, seek fluency: All control is unnatural. That entire one wants […]

January 28, 2016 Sexual insights

Mutual Massage: Something delicious to your senses

Mutual Massage: Something delicious to your senses – Erotic Massage Services in Madrid – Spain performed Natalia Tantra Madrid. Enjoy your mutual massage It is a very erotic and funny massage. The aromatic essential oils we use together with the experienced masseuse will get you high to other sensual status and give you pleasure and well-being sensation. […]

Body to Body Massage: Releases tension and pressure caused by the daily routine

This massage is known as Thai or body to body massage, using essential oils this is comfortably done on a futon. The role of the masseuse is very precise; she manipulates all your body including your intimate zone as a part of your whole body. She will reach every part of it in a sensual, active […]

Yoni Massage awaking women sensuality and desire

Yoni massage contributes to relax your body before sexual intercourse, stimulating men and awaking women sensuality and desire. The objective of this massage is not to reach orgasm but provide relax and pleasure. Men can introduce his little finger in the woman anus so the woman can reach the orgasm. You can also go on […]

December 21, 2015 Sexual insights

Stimulates your senses with a sensual massage

Sensual Massage at Erotic Massage in Madrid.Stimulate your senses with a sensual massage at Erotic Massage in Madrid by Natalia expert masseuse very sensual Sensual massage uses slow, deliberate and very sensual techniques to arouse and stimulate the senses whilst soothing the body and mind. The key to experience true sensuality is to be able […]

Tantric Sex: Learn to explore your own sexuality

Tantric sex courses and workshops are abundant nowadays and drive significant amount of attention from general public. People are eager to learn and explore their own sexuality and that of their partner. Surprisingly though, tantric sex is not about orgasm. It simply not the main objective of Tantra, believe me or not. It is about […]

December 9, 2015 Sexual insights
Erotic Massage Services in Madrid – Spain performed Natalia Tantra Madrid.


As part of the services of Natalia Erotic Massage you can enjoy a bath ritual which starts with a hot mineral bath or Jacuzzi soak. Using a variety of soaps, scented oils and sponges your body will be caressed and relaxed. The soft hands and adept fingers of your Goddess Masseuse will move about and […]