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luxury therapeutic massage

I am a professional chiropractor titled (provable). I can give you a therapeutic massage (relaxing, circulatory or descontracturante) that will leave you as new.! Eye! It is addictive! If you want something more stirring the art of sensual massage is one of the oldest in the world. Natural oils, slow movements full of eroticism, exciting […]

rent suites for hours , if you do not have or do not have room hotel suites we can meet for hours

Rent suites for hours , if you do not have or do not have room hotel suites we can meet for hours.

December 12, 2015 Highlighted Services

Natalia in Jacuzzi: Natural photo without retouching

Many people ask if the photos are real, as are carried out by a professional photographer, that is why I left a natural photos from an iphone for that you can see that I am real. Photo without retouching, natural photo without retouching. Natalia in Jacuzzi picture natural.

November 29, 2015 Highlighted Services

New staff and erotic massage services by Natalia Deluxe

At Natalia Luxury Tantric Massage service, you will have access to the greatest goddesses of Tantric Massage and Tough Therapy, who offer you the most beautiful Tantric Experience and highly effective Tantric Therapy, which cures premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, awakens your Kundalini and much more. Our Tantric Therapies are performed by the most beautiful women […]


MASSAGE TANTRA AND ARE BDSM COMPATIBLE ? The scope and limits before the session is agreed … the tools are incorporated gradually , as you progress in learning. The pain , if any , is not an end , it is a means , such as sex and eroticism. It may seem incompatible , but […]

September 15, 2015 Without category

A different gift … gives an erotic massage

It is an original gift, it will surely be a great surprise for your partner when you least expect, it is an activity that you can repeat it several times, plan a sensual bath, a bolder intimate encounter, your imagination is your best friend, do not be afraid to explore, test and gives. Erotic massage […]

August 8, 2015 Without category

The essential oils extracted using aromatherapy

The essential oils extracted using aromatherapy of the various parts of the plants and trees aromatic (petals, leaves, fruits, seeds, roots, etc.) to achieve a healthy body and mind serena. Properties of essential oils All oils are antiseptic; some have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The essential oils enhance the natural healing, by stimulating and strengthening […]

April 13, 2015 Without category

Therapeutic Massage curiosities

The massage appears within energy practices Chinese world, creator of the oldest of the systematized therapies that has managed to stay active for thirty centuries and interest the people of our time regardless of cultures. ANTIQUE The man already used at this time massage: • When receiving a blow with his hand he rubbed the […]

April 13, 2015 Without category

Squirting the Secret of Female Ejaculation

When you stimulate the G-spot – famous due to the proximity of the urethral glands called Skene is achieved – a woman can produce a fluid secretion, which we call female ejaculation. Most women do not achieve this goal but a few have greater sensitivity in this area making them more easily excited and can get to […]

April 10, 2015 Sexual insights

Massages: The Benefit of Human Contact

Everyone can benefit from massage, whatever their age or physical condition. The natural instinct of mothers rub the baby’s back when she cries, brings calm both baby and mother. Similarly, we feel the need to cherish our family or friends when they feel sad or have any problems. These are all forms of massage, although […]

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