Everyone can benefit from massage, whatever their age or physical condition. The natural instinct of mothers rub the baby’s back when she cries, brings calm both baby and mother. Similarly, we feel the need to cherish our family or friends when they feel sad or have any problems. These are all forms of massage, although we do not realize, and highlight the benefits of human contact.

Massage and recovery

Several studies have shown that contact hastens recovery disease processes and allows us to recover health sooner. The explanation lies in the fact that the contact causes segregation of hormones related to stress and tension and increase those having to do with the well-being and relaxation, which promote healing is inhibited. In addition, massage cause the muscles to relax and take in more oxygen from the blood, which helps in recovery. On the other hand, massage also reduce the fatigue associated with recovering from an illness.

Massage and work

The jobs that spend many hours standing cause a lot of tension in the muscles of the back, neck and legs accumulate. On the other hand, the work done sitting also produce pain in the back, hips and shoulders. In both cases, get a massage on a regular basis is crucial for maintaining the health of the body, because it relieves muscle tension and blood circulation is reactivated. The same applies to the work in which highly repetitive movements, as in an assembly line, where massages can help alleviate the imbalance caused by excessive work of a small number of muscles are made.

Massage and sports

Massage the muscles after exercising accelerates the recovery of the body, so we avoid soreness and intense fatigue the next day appear. In addition, they also help prevent injuries.

Massage and children

Children can also benefit from the positive effects of massage that will help them relax and sleep better. The techniques used must be specifically designed for them, because the friction and the intense pressures that can be applied to other adults should be avoided.