As it is usual for any kind of massage, begin by caressing the buttocks of your couple, rubbing a bit his anus, but not introducing your fingers. This is the first step to excite and relax your couple.

Follow this guidelines for prostatic massaging, and will experiment the benefits:

  • Very softly, with one or two fingers – previouly lubricated with special oils – perform a massage around the anus without introducing them; and after a few instants of stimulation of the zone already you can try introduce the top of your finger softly
  • When the anus is well lubricated, you can start massaging from there up to the perineum
  • Lubricate very well your finger again and introduce it softly and elegantly inside the anus of your couple. If there is discomfort, take out the finger and continue massaging until your couple makes you know that it is ready to try again.
  • Move your finger doing small circles inside his anus.
  • Make questions to your couple to know his/her feelings and to create a condition of confidence and easing. If there issome discomfort, hold on!
  • Start penetrating your couple with your finger soft and not very intense
  • When you have reached this point, the help of some erotic toy like a vibrator will be of great help to increase the sexual pleasure in your couple

Is gratifying to change the roles, being this time you the one that is penetrated. And, of course, the wash of the hands and the zone treated after the erotic anal massage is very important to avoid infections.