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luxury therapeutic massage

I am a professional chiropractor titled (provable). I can give you a therapeutic massage (relaxing, circulatory or descontracturante) that will leave you as new.! Eye! It is addictive! If you want something more stirring the art of sensual massage is one of the oldest in the world. Natural oils, slow movements full of eroticism, exciting […]

New staff and erotic massage services by Natalia Deluxe

At Natalia Luxury Tantric Massage service, you will have access to the greatest goddesses of Tantric Massage and Tough Therapy, who offer you the most beautiful Tantric Experience and highly effective Tantric Therapy, which cures premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, awakens your Kundalini and much more. Our Tantric Therapies are performed by the most beautiful women […]

Massages: The Benefit of Human Contact

Everyone can benefit from massage, whatever their age or physical condition. The natural instinct of mothers rub the baby’s back when she cries, brings calm both baby and mother. Similarly, we feel the need to cherish our family or friends when they feel sad or have any problems. These are all forms of massage, although […]

The Benefits of Prostatic Massaging

As it is usual for any kind of massage, begin by caressing the buttocks of your couple, rubbing a bit his anus, but not introducing your fingers. This is the first step to excite and relax your couple. Follow this guidelines for prostatic massaging, and will experiment the benefits: Very softly, with one or two fingers […]

March 31, 2015 Benefits of Massage

The Prostate Gland and Pleasure

The prostate gland is an exclusively male. It is really erogenous for men and is responsible to cause great moments of pleasure and high excitation. The feeling one can experience when enjoying a prostate massage, also comes linked to another erogenous areas in the anatomy of a man as it is the perineum region that lies between the […]

March 25, 2015 Benefits of Massage