I have almost everything that you may need to relax and feel the pleasure of stress relief! Here is the menu of Natalia’s erotic massages:


Relaxing by letting do! 40 minute session using essentials oils to guarantee erogenous areas stimulation and the discovery of new sensations. This erotic massage connects with welfare and gives and assures you best cure for stress. Feel the deep relaxation and the benefits of lingam massage. The application of creams and oils from head to toes will take you to a climax status faster than you can imagine! This is the perfect service for approaching the world of erotic massages: a proposal as smooth as suggestive. Specific excitation and relaxation techniques are applied, with the intent to cause prolonged states of being. Price: 135 euro

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This massage includes the use of Thai Nuad and Body to Body techniques. It covers every part of your body, including the genital area. The masseuse will guide you towards different Tantric poses that will take you to a deep state of eroticism. Soon, every area of ​​your body will be stimulated thanks to the application of pressure and oil flowing between the two bodies. Rods and caresses in an extended body to body with more intense tantric positions.

  • Erogenous zones stimulation
  • You discover new sensations
  • Body to body
  • Erotism


  • 60 minute session: 150 euro (Topless) + Taxi
  • 60 minute session: 200 euro   (Nude)
  • 90 minute session: 250 euro  PROMOTION  (Nude) 

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Chocolate therapy is undoubtedly the most delicious massage. You feel how all your fantasies wake up whilst warm chocolate melts all over your body and massages every corner of it, including the genital area. Enjoy the antioxidant benefits of chocolate! Sensual and deep movements of the forearm and knees facilitate the absorption of chocolate and promote cell renewal. Your massage with chocolate can be a reality for just 20 extra euros wit any of our erotic o therapeutic massages

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The prostate gland is an exclusively male , is really erogenous for man and responsible to cause great moments of pleasure and high excitation . The feeling you may experience when enjoying a prostate massage , also comes linked to another erogenous zone to man as the perineum region that lies between the genitals and anus. This is a very sensitive area and readily reacts against different stimuli , and often causes much satisfaction. In performing the prostate massage can use one or two fingers with a latex glove , such as slip much better and also we should not worry about if your nails are nailed . Good posture that promotes access is the puppy or what is the same , 4 legs , because it places the prostate in an area easily accessible by how come fingers or a toy.

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