The best aphrodisiac foods to enjoy a couple
Oysters , chocolate , herbs and nuts are some of the ingredients that can boost your sexual desire and your partner . What are your favorites?

oysters and chocolate until cloves and onion can generate tantalizing effects in the arts of love . It’s called aphrodisiac foods to foods that stimulate eroticism and can increase sexual appetite. Here , we tell you what the best seasoning for love.

While there is no scientific evidence to show that certain foods stimulate the desire and improve sexual performance , it is known that there are foods that are characterized by a high proportion of calories and energy elements , in combination with a special atmosphere and a tempting proposition can extract the best from the two largest earthly pleasures : sex and rich meals .
Love Condiments
Herbs and spices are the stars of the aphrodisiac food . Sprinkle a little there and add a dash over here and everything takes another color. For example , the traditional culture of Haiti has a legend in connection with basil . As the story goes , the goddess of love love more than a thousand men through this aromatic plant. So girls,to consider it !

What could be more tempting than chocolate ? Cocoa contains elements that are highly stimulants, such as theobromine and feneletiamina and their effects occur, especially with regard to the mental faculties , as it helps fight fatigue and tones the nervous system. Here, besides carrot also be good for the skin- reconstituted stimulates the nervous system and nerve impulses activating sexual response.

Among the dried fruit , the best known is the nut , and which they say helps delay ejaculation. We will have to try … Also , almonds are a traditional symbol of fertility and is believed to induce passion in women. Men,be careful !

Here are some secrets that will surely make you vibrate.

The best aphrodisiacs for women

* Saffron

This condiment improves blood circulation and stimulating the uterus , also increases sexual desire .

* Canela

The famous is a great stimulant , especially when combined with rice and milk.

* Pepper

Both white and black , are very exciting seasonings. Its effects are accentuated on the genitals, thanks to its vasodilating action .

* Oysters

They have a high content of minerals that help better sexual performance , generating some dilatation of the vagina.

* Mint

We often hear that the main aphrodisiac is the mind, especially in women. And in this sense, the first -a plant used as estimulante- soft acts as a stimulant of the nervous system .

The best aphrodisiacs for men

* Clove

Among its many properties , it is known that creates the sensation of heat. In India , it is often chew their seeds to soften the breath and also there is a tradition that combat impotence.

* Pollen

This ingredient is highly energizing and increases sexual desire and libido. If man consumed daily pollen , it is said that after a week, your body will produce more sperm count.

* Palta

Its aphrodisiac effect focuses on seeds. It is recommended to let them soften in milk and then eat them , as it enhances virility .

* Pumpkin

They are also the seeds of this plant which contain the main ingredients that affect libido and increase sexual desire . For men with prostate problems, it is said that the hormones in seeds ( green is best used ) can have a very good effect.

* Onion

This plant is recommended in cases of impotence and sexual weakness. Furthermore, said to help maintain erection.