The massage appears within energy practices Chinese world, creator of
the oldest of the systematized therapies that has managed to stay active
for thirty centuries and interest the people of our time regardless of
The man already used at this time massage:
• When receiving a blow with his hand he rubbed the affected area for
and relieve pain.
• He healed minor ailments by friction.
The man perfects the art of massage that is collected in China
detail in the classical writings of traditional medicine. They appear
treatments like malaxation (percussion performed with the tips of the
fingers with a small wooden mallet.), acupuncture, shiatsu …)
In India massage techniques known as: friction, pressure,
malaxaciones and tweaks, which we find precursors
sports chiropractic.
In Egypt used massage techniques and ointments to promote its effect
regenerator on the body.
He is considered the father of medicine, and massage, which owns Ideas
very successful and perfectly adapted to today:
“If friction is practiced hard, hardened and solidified, and if it is loose and soft
Relax “.
He made specific applications based on these principles.
The most famous physicians of the Roman world, mastered the art of
quiromasaje and preparing the body for applying friction and percussion
then smear it with invigorating oils.
The most refined of the time, Arabs, people knew the massage to enter
contact with the Roman Empire in the East, but only for the powerful. To the
people only got a deformation of their techniques through charlatans and magicians
At this time the practice of massage and physical education is recovered, which
had declined during the Middle Ages.
Peter Henry Ling, was the founder of systematic work on the body,
called Kinesiterapia (method includes physical education and
Mezger, based his work on the massage without apparatus, the “chiropractic”
In the opposite line, Zander was the precursor of mechanical gymnastics (with appliances
or assisted exercises).
Both in the US (with Kellogg and Mitchel) and Russia massage was introduced
Currently, due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, work, depression and other
negative influences, have proliferated massage schools.
There are 6 trends:
– Quiromasaje: joint movements, beneficial for treatment
disorders or injuries.
– Specific massage: as the Cyriax, Vodder, etc.
– Oriental massage: acts on the acupuncture meridians or centers
energy, such as Shiatsu and acupressure.
– Massage and reflexology foot massage vertebral,
– Mechanical Massage, electric equipment, air and water.
– Eclectic and varied Massage, which uses and combines various systems to
The masseur must have a vocation (natural inclination) for the profession, and
complete with training, study and observation.
The study should be based on all these topics: biology, psychology,
anatomy, physiology and pathology.
Physical personal masseuse conditions:
• Special care hygiene (daily shower)
• Perform daily gymnastics hands and fingers.
• Nails should be neatly trimmed and filed, do not go beyond the
fingertips without roughness or calluses.
• Avoid excessive sweating of the hands, bathrooms with boiled water,
alternately hot (2 min.) and cold (5 sec.), containing thyme and salt.
• Check the temperature of your hands should be slightly in appearance When performing the massage , do not wear a watch , rings and bracelets , as
may hamper the implementation of the massage.
• Wash hands before and after each massage.
• white gown and white pants
Desirable lifestyle and work
They are useful suggestions for the masseuse when dealing with customers : the
punctuality , silence during the massage (although you can use music
background) , relaxation .

Proper posture
Should be slightly tilted to perform the massage in harmony and with
ease in his hands.
Psychological aspects of massage
– Have the patient psychology , each is different and our
action must be also different.
– Discretion , tolerance, confidence and physical presence ,
are things you should keep in mind the masseuse on her
– The client must have absolute faith in the treatment of massage, for
to achieve the desired therapeutic results.
– On the first visit the masseur will interview you , to give
confidence and write down your most important data .
– You will receive free massage clothes or other objects that may obscure
receiving the massage.
– We must avoid as masseurs , tension patient
(mental , emotional and physical ) .